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Bientot / Soon « Rencontres Sous la Tente »

les 7, 8, 9, et 10 Mars 2012

Rencontres Sous la Tente

Rencontres Sous la Tente

“The meeting under the tent” is today a cultural event representing the cultural activity of the province of Ouarzazate. Also in addition to being a gear to development for ISMC –OFPPT and their partners, the meetings have become along three years an international laboratory for creation and exchange for the students and trainees opting for cinematic studies worldwide.

The meetings under the tent are subscribed within a national strategy adopted by Moroccan institutions aimed at developing and strengthening professional capacities of the young in all areas of the economy. In Ouarzazate, the meetings allow Moroccan trainees (aged 20 to35 years old) studying cinema to meet foreign students and teachers with the objective of discussing, debating, exchanging ideas and working on films done within the frame of cinematic studies.
The meetings play a major role in promoting cinematic studies and generally the field of media in Morocco as well as in the world.

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